Sunday, January 22, 2012

Well, let my first post be about frustration.  I spent the last couple of hours creating a site in Google Sites via my MSU account, thinking I could do my blog there.  I can, but I can't.  Certainly I can do posts and links and what not.  However, it seems to allow you to allow comments or not, but not to moderate comments if you allow them.  Also, I cannot set up a blogger account using my MSU-based account, which is another frustration.  Once I get this set up, I guess my next step will be to see if I can make this a link on that page.  Hopefully so!  Oh, and in just previewing this, blogger seems to decide that since my location is Japan, my site will have all the navigation buttons in Japanese in spite of me choosing English.  We'll see what I can do about that, too.

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