Monday, February 20, 2012

Creative Commons Post (Part 2)

Okay, so I've managed to get Safari up and running using the hotel's ISP, and have been able to actually look through images both on flickr directly and through the Creative Commons search function.  I found that the latter was better for finding CC licensed work because even though I went to flickrCC to search, it returned items not licensed.  Going from the CC site was more reliable in that respect.  What I was searching for was an image of Bellevue College.  The reason behind this was two-fold.  One, that is where I am actually visiting with my students at the moment.  Two, I thought I might be able to find images of Bellevue that I could use to introduce the college to students in the future and that we might use on our college's website.  I found one that I loved, but was not licensed and since I don't know that using it here would be a transformative use, I have chosen to err on the side of caution and not use it.  Besides which, the point of this exercise was to find one that was clearly licensed.  This image was nearly as good, and is offered under a CC attribution license.
Photo Attribution:
Original Image: "R_L_Building Panorama-2.jpg" © July 21, 2010 by Bellevue College, uploaded Feb. 19, 2012 from flickr.
Used under a Creative Commons Attribution license:

I also was able to add and license a couple images to my own flickr account.  I experimented with loading an image, licensing it at Creative Commons, and applying the license afterwards as well as licensing through flickr directly so that I would learn how to do both.  Flickr has allowed me to set up a blanket preference so that any photo I upload falls under the license.  That is convenient, and it also does not prevent me from doing a more or less restrictive option on individual images should I desire.  Anyway, this photo may be useful for anyone wanting to teach about Japanese gardens, temple gardens, stone lanterns, reflections, and so on but for me it is really just an example of one of the things I love about life in Japan - places and moments like where and when I took this photo.
Photo Attribution:
Original Image: "Light in a Garden" © by Thomas E. Bieri, available at flickr licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
What to do you think, would you like to visit there?

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