Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Solving Complex Problems (for CEP 812)

I had identified a problem in one of my courses and found a solution, Haiku Deck, that seemed to work for it. I started writing it up and preparing my screencast and then I noticed a major problem. I had thought that the iPad app would be fully functionally with iPhone, which would have helped solve the problem. However, I noticed the iPhone functionality is limited, so I needed to change gears and examine another problem.

I do have a complex problem with quite a number of factors. While it isn’t directly teaching, it is intricately involved with my professional practice. In this screencast I describe the problem and the tool, Zoho, which I hope will help solve it.
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  1. Thomas,
    I have never heard of ZOHO before it seems like a neat and useful site. It sounds like it could really benefit you and the organization you are working with. I like the idea that you would create a group where only the people participating would be able to access. It looks like it would give everyone their own space for the organization instead of having emails and projects get lost in with other emails and projects. I know I have been finding myself creating different email accounts just to organize workflow so I can stay organized with responses. Neat idea I hope it helps you and your organization! Thanks for sharing-Tiffany

  2. I'm surprised Google hasn't come up with a Project section in their Google Apps yet..


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